Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finals Results

We came in 5th with 270 points (4th place Exodus scored 271; full tally of all finalists may be seen here). We didn't win it all, but we improved and played well at show time. And the Junior Sammy/ Ray Holman/ Skiffle team will pick up momentum moving forward. On the whole it was a positive Panorama for us that signals a promising future.

Will I play next year? I'd like that, but we're doing an opera at Sweet Briar College next spring and I'm scheduled to conduct. It will depend on a lot of factors like the timing of Panorama season relative to opera season, which opera we choose, funding opportunities, what courses I teach next spring, etc. I will do my best to work it all out in a way that everyone wins. If I can, then it is likely I'll play again next year.

I've been invited to bring down some carefully chosen U.S. associates to complement our current instrumentation and social chemistry for next season. I'm already thinking of how certain people would fit in and it makes me smile. Skiffle is very excited about the possibility of developing a long term relationship with Sweet Briar - having students come down for summer programs, a contingent from Trinidad coming up for a joint concert from time to time - and playing in Panorama semi-consistently for a few years would be a good way to solidify the relationships necessary for something like that to be viable (nothing binds a community together like rites of passage, liminality, and communitas). So, we'll see . . .

As for this blog, the party's not over yet. I've got a few more pics, vids, and thoughts to share from my last days in Trinidad. However, I went straight from the Savannah to the airport and I'm still not home yet (I'm blogging from the airport in Charlotte, NC, though, so I'm close). I want to sleep and process a little and post my Finals (and final) stuff on Monday and Tuesday. Stay tuned!

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