Monday, February 11, 2013

Finals Videos

There are currently a couple of versions of Skiffle's Panorama Finals performance posted to YouTube.

The first - here - is very pixelated and includes some of the color commentary made during the t.v. broadcast before and after the performance. During the pre-performance talk-up, I can be seen in the lower-middle right of the screen from :03-1:45. We're not playing for most of my screen time, and because of the pixelation I'm just a whitish blur that kind of has my basic contour, but that's me. Hey, mom, I'm on t.v.

The second - here - is the better recording.  I don't get much screen time in this one, mostly quick shots that feature from my chin or neck on down in the background for a second before cut-aways. I do get a face shot in the background for a few seconds toward the end (sweeping from upper-right to upper-left from 7:36-7:43).

Though there are some areas that we can improve upon moving toward next season, I think the arrangement was amazing and we played it quite well. I'm proud of our performance.

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