Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Show time

After our last rehearsal, Junia Regrello, the captain and CEO of Skiffle, gave a rousing pep talk and thanked the foreign guest performers (four from Grenada, two from Saint Lucia, two from Canada, four from Japan and one from the U.S.). I was not mentioned. Several people spoke and said, "Hey, Skipper, you forgot about Jeff." He responded by saying that, although I lived overseas, my longterm affiliation with and commitment to the group qualified me as a member of the organization, not a foreign guest. The band applauded. I was deeply touched.

Goodbye rituals complete, we suited up and headed for the Savannah. In many respects, the pilgrimage was the same as Semi-Finals, but with way more people. The picture below shows the crowd gathering around Skiffle a couple of blocks before we even got to the entrance of the Savannah drag. Yeah. It was crazy.

The Savannah stage looked about the same, though the grand stand, north stand, and all areas not fenced off surrounding the on-deck circle were packed with bodies.

Previous posts contain Panorama Finals results and video links of the performance, so this is the end of the Panorama experience in Trinidad. However, I've got at least one more post to make . . . my return to Virginia and a photo of my chamber orchestra (a photo post often requested, and anxiously awaited upon, by members of Skiffle).

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