Friday, February 8, 2013

Up on the roof

Tomorrow is the Panorama Finals and very early the next morning I fly home. I had hoped to do a little sight seeing - there are many historic landmarks and natural wonders in southern Trinidad - but because this year's Panorama is so competitive, I've focused intently on my responsibilities with Skiffle. My hope was that I could share some stunning photographs, excite some folks at Sweet Briar, and get us thinking about establishing a summer program here. Alas, my intentions have been waylaid. I offer instead some photos from the roof deck of the panyard. It's not the visual feast I had planned, but it will give you a sense of some of the very cool things that are close by.

Facing southeast you can see the valley unfolding from our position low on the San Fernando hill. There's lots to see and do in the villages that populate the valley.

West by southwest you can see the sun setting over the ocean. The ports and beaches are just about a mile or so away.

Looking northwest you can see the western edge of San Fernando Hill. I've been told by a friend (Dale Olsen, one of my ethnomusicology professors at Florida State - you can read a little bit about his work here) that on a clear day this hill can be seen from the Orinoco river delta in the amazon (Venezuela is just a few kilometers across the pond). Indigenous communities there once believed that this "mountain" that appeared and disappeared in the mist was the home of the gods. I live and work at its base. An interesting destination for a summer program, don't you think?

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